Spark of Divinity Congregation
Honoring the Traditions of the Spiritualist Community
with Healing and Mediumship

Interfaith Services every Sunday at 11am

236 East Main Street, Palmyra, New York 14522 ~ (315) 597-5597

Our mission is simple – To Serve. 

Our faith is diverse just as are those who call this Congregation their family. 

We welcome everyone with an open mind and open heart.  

"Through time and space, each faith and race ~ let there be peace."

Welcome to
Spark of Divinity


Unity Through Diversity

While fire and water may have devastated our worship space, our spark can never be extinguished.
Please be advised that Spark of Divinity Congregation will no longer be holding any services or events at 236 East Main Street.
All events will be posted on Facebook with the location of that event. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Links to local news stories:

Palmyra Faith Group Holds Service Despite Fire's Destruction

Palmyra Fire Damages Several Buildings

Palmyra community helps neighbors affected by fire

 We see ourselves here. We know we can manifest this dream into reality!

Manifesting Sacred Space

Rebuilding Spark of Divinity


Whether someone can assist with prayer or through financial contributions, all support is welcomed!  Spark of Divinity had a dream to find their own new home, and it appeared. The Family began manifesting the ability to make that dream a reality. After a devastating building fire, our home is no longer habitable.

Now we must make our dream a reality!

Please visit the campaign site if you can help, share or donate.

For more information,

please visit our Campaign page

and our Facebook site.

Kabbalah Celebrations

with Pastor Jeff

Share in the wisdom of the Kabbalah throughout the year and travel the Tree of Life.  These celebrations are open to all and are an opportunity for learning and growth.


New Moon Celebration ~ TBD

Summer Solstice Celebration




Open learning circle.

Please bring a dish to pass with the consideration of emphasis on fruits/berries and greens.


Friday Night Features

Each month Spark of Divinity will be holding a featured event. Check out the page for this month's event!





For more information, please visit our Special Events page.

Meditation Mondays

Each month Spark of Divinity holds a guided meditation beginning at 7pm

at a nominal fee of $5.


June 3, 2013 - Location TBD


For more information, please visit our Meditations page.


Full Moon Celebrations

with Ashley Lorelle

Share in the New and Full Moon celebrations.

Open circles for learning and growth.

None for May due to Memorial Weekend

For more information, please visit our Special Events page.

Classes & Other Offerings

Begin at 7pm for $5


Reiki Level One ~ TBD

Reiki Level Two ~ TBD

Reiki A.R.T. ~TBD

Reiki Master Level ~ As Requested


Please check our Calendar for more inforation.
Donation to Claus' Closet appreciated.


Crystal Singing Bowls

with Dawn and Jeff Footer


Time and Site TBD


Suggested Donation of $15
Donation to Claus' Closet appreciated.  

For more information, please visit our Special Events page.


Santa's Tear and Claus' Closet

Christmas comes once a year, yet there are many who need the caring heart of Santa Claus within all of us.  Check his list twice to see what we need  and how YOU can help.  

For more information, please visit our Santa's Tear & Claus' Closet page.